Status Page Doesn't Update

This is probably pretty low on the priority list, but I have not seen any Galaxy 19 devices for a while. My system has been up for a while and in the past, I used to see at least my device reporting.

When I look at the logs, I can see that I am sending monitoring data, bit the status page doesn’t update.


Hi Brian, this is a bit off your subject, but I have heard the Heartbeat is a program only certain users have, but I have also been told all the Lighthouses have them built in.

Could you shed some light on your experiences for all to read? Ken

Yeah, for some reason it’s been dead for a while now. I’m receiving email alerts, so pretty sure the server is receiving the heartbeat data.

We’re currently working on completely new monitoring sofware and the new server will hopefully fix the issue.

All our installs are equipped with monitoring software and it’s always on. Code is completely open, so you can see it here: