Status Update on Lanterns/global coverage?

Hi Guys,

What the current schedule for extending the broadcast areas beyond the US? Love the project but it seems to have gone quiet for the rest of us outside of the US. What are the plans for Europe/Africa/Asia coverage?
Can there be a single web location for project status and schedules rather than having to scan the forum for the latest update. Previously you’d indicated that the Blog would serve this purpose but the last post on there was Feb 2018 :frowning:


I think that until the “Lantern” is released

it does not make sense paying satellite providers to transmit all over the world as promised by the project …
for handful of users using Dreamcatcher Wideband LoRa PHY Development Board …

Yes, I agree a dedicated status update page for Lantern would be great,
but @Syed does update the IndieGoGo website mentioned above from time to time …

There is as well dedicated IndieGoGo discussion over here: