Store/cart can't find a shipping method if I put 2 dreamcatchers in my cart

Is there a limit 1 dreamcatcher per purchase or something? Or perhaps it pushes the parcel weight over the limit for the only known shipping method. I’m in the US so it’s offering USPS First Class Package as the only shipping option.

I initially thought the checkout was simply broken, until I dumped my cart and started over and it seemed to work if I only had one of each item. Maybe it’s just easier to buy one at a time? Shipping isn’t obnoxious, so I’ll probably just go that route. Just thought someone here should know about this unexpected behavior.

(And yes I know the future availability of the signal isn’t guaranteed, I’m getting Dreamcatchers specifically because there’s that bypass port so they’re also generally-useful RTLSDR toys. No worries!)

I had the same issue trying to buy 5…