Stuck downloads

Should we report stuck downloads? I suppose If I’m not seeing it, most likely everyone is not also.

Yes, please do.


But to offer some background (which I think was mentioned in a couple other threads) these files are not actually stuck. What likely happened is that you caught the tail end of a download. Wikipedia files don’t get rebroadcast that often, so you can go a long while without seeing the download complete.

What I don’t understand is packets coming down and the wheel advancing 1 percent gradually. And then at some percentage like 67%, the wheel just stops like something happened here. Packets keep counting, SNR is good. We look at our stuff, but don’t touch anything. Many minutes go by. Still at 67%. We do an Update Settings. Still at 67%. I even have done a complete shutdown of the whole system and restart. Still at 67%. It’s very frustrating not having any tools to qualify why. Some say “Have patience”. It’s really blind patience. Right now and for almost 48 hours, downloads seem smooth. I’m sticking around for the duration! :slight_smile:

Which file it it? The best way to think about the playout of our files is just like a tv show over the air–but imagine you are recording the broadcast. If you tune into The Honeymooners at 11:10PM, then you’ll have a recording of 67% of the show. But even if you wait until the same time next week, you will still not have a complete record of the show, because the episode will not be replayed at that time. Does that make sense?

Yes, that’s a good example. I think I’m trying to compare to an Ubuntu iso download. You go to the download page, and select the download. After 20 minutes it completes 99.9% of the time.(1.5 GB) Then burn an SD card. It completes. Put it in the computer, it installs. Done.

About 8 months ago, I was monitoring the Inmarsat Safety Nets using the STD-C decoder. And later the AERO traffic. It was almost real time. Most times in 10 or 20 seconds, I could read the Pacific maritime weather or aircraft traffic on AERO. Really cool. Hundreds of words would burst onto the monitor to be read. I believe this scenario is not the game plan of Outernet. Explain?

Actually, we are more and more considering text-only content delivery, so we can improve the user experience and consistently deliver new information.

Yes, Syed. I think going text only is a wonderful idea. Graphics delivery is a poor use of resources, when the bandwidth is relatively low.