Sub $US100 SDR RX and now TX

It looks like we have the long awaited other half, another revolutionary hack the driver to make something new mod, this time to get SDR TX.
The hardware is an $8us USB-3.0 to VGA adapter, here is the github for FL2K-SDR (like RTL-SDR).

All that is needed is to do some band pass filtering and up/down converting and amplification to make just about any radio you could imagine, from generating mobile telephony signals to short range GPS spoofing for using real hardware when flight simulator training.
We can also make some radical two way satellite communications designs for people and communities living in austere economic circumstances.
All it takes to start is a USB to VGA adapter based on the Fresco Logic FL2000 chip, they are all over those auction and Asian market websites with free shipping.
I hope we can figure out a way to prototype some cool hardware and get some isolated communities talking up and back down to Outernet earth stations even if it is limited to a few KB/month per account.


This is going to be a lot of fun.
I can get them delivered to the Philippines from China for $8 us .

Is any one building a kit we can buy that adds the filters etc.

Will be fantastic for WSPR.

Perhaps Outernet could use this as a back-channel on the 13.553–13.567 MHz 13.560 MHz ISM Band . Utilizing a sort of WSPR or similar low power protocol to send web addresses etc from remote Outernet users.

Being ISM any one can use ithe frequency without a license…

People with Outernet receivers could Monitor the ISM HF band using a RTL dongle in Q mode and a long wire. Listening for the 13mhz signal and then forward the request to outernet over the internet.

In Philippines using a RTL dongle and long wire I am picking up WSPR from Japan over 2-3000 km away all the time with WSPR reliably.

Its kind of what WSPR is doing now so I do not imagine a lot of code would have to be written

Here is a simple ISM transmitter I found.