Suggestion of receiving and sending emails

I’m Edu, from brazil,

I suggest including the possibility of reading and sending emails,
(Even if only in text format and limited if necessary)
To raise funds for production of cube satellites,
And also for the launch.



Hello, the Outernet Network is setup to only send Data down to the Recievers.

Because of that, you can only download and not upload anything. So you wouldn’t be able to send any emails at all.
Also all data is global visible, so anyone in the World would be able to read any email that is received through outernet.

regards from Germany,

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ok thanks

If you would like to broadcast messages with someone over Outernet, you can try our Twitter integration:

What is the price of 1 credit? (or: how many credits do you get for the $10.00 mentioned)

1000 credits for $10 if you look in the Store :slight_smile:


@Syed is this service still available? Link is broken. I’m looking for a way to receive very small data packets.

It is still operational, but there wasn’t much interest in it previously, so the service was removed. We will also be changing the signal at some point, so we don’t want anyone to build anything long-term on this service.

What did you have in mind?