Summery of how It works for beginners

I really like to know what and how much data could we download and use in this way? are there any limitations?
and I dont know why this link doesnt work for me .
what kind of dvb I should buy are there any deferences or not?
where I could buy raspberry pi ?(I live in IRAN)

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The data sent over the stream is pre-selected. The limitation is that Outernet is one-way, you only receive, you don’t make requests. It’s not an internet connection.

The link you posted is 404 for me as well. Outernet isn’t currently on the air, and the next generation of the receiver isn’t released yet, so there are no OS images to download and install, because there’s nothing to install them on.

The receiver will be released soon. A Raspberry Pi is not part of the receiver, buying one will not help you receive Outernet.

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Everything you are referring to is for an older version of Outernet. The service is being moved from the L-band to the Ku-band. The receiver will be the Dream Catcher 3.0

Stay tuned.

–Konrad, WA4OSH