Swarm - two way satellite for $60/yr

@sam_uk As far as I can tell, it doesn’t make sense for commercial customers to develop products around the Swarm modem. I say that because Swarm already offers a finished product in the form of the Swarm Asset Tracker, which costs $100. The lowest possible cost of a Swarm modem is $59 and that’s at a quantity of 10,000 units. The annual data fee for a commercial customer/product designer is the same $60 that is charged for the official Swarm Asset Tracker, which has no minimum order quantity. For normal IoT applications, I can’t figure out how a 3rd party can make something compelling, as the Asset Tracker also has an internal UART interface. I assume that the Asset Tracker uses the M138 modem, so external data (from a sensor) can be relayed through the M138.

But there is one idea that comes to mind. If a Dreamcatcher was paired with an Asset Tracker (or M138 modem) then a sort of remote chat service could exist. All messages sent from the Swarm device would get relayed to this forum (as an example) and the Othernet broadcast. The messages would then show up on each Dreamcatcher. That seems kind of interesting. Maybe.

Of course, with all of these direct-to-cellphone satellite services that are being deployed, this idea becomes obsolete within the foreseeable future.


That sounds fun, you could offer a very slow search function too maybe?

Searching Wikipedia/ Appropedia/ Creative commons directories, 24 hrs later I see what has arrived via dreamcatcher

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