Testing Latest Outernet Software on my BananaPi

Just need to connect a DVB/S2 USB device and align my cable dish to Galaxy 19. Everything was installed using the install script from the main website for Raspian OS.

I also purchased a compatible wifi dongle and will be using my BananaPi box as a wifi access point. I accessed the Librarian software using a web browser over the network.

Very nice work, I can’t wait to use the dish and tuner to get data now! :smile:

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Hey, this is pretty cool!

What DVB-S2 USB device do you have?

PCTV 461e - HD satellite TV receiver from the Hauppauge website for $69 plus shipping.

Waiting for it to arrive in the mail, then a relative and I are going to tune an old DirecTV dish. Kuband LNB capable. Just need to pitch it to 97W Galaxy19 - I have Sattfinder app on my android phone and probably a compass.

If I have issues with LNB I can always get a kuband one for my dish. Seen a few on Ebay. I will let you know how it works out in about a week or so. :smile:

I went to Lemaker’s website and got their Raspian OS for BananaPi and then installed it onto a 32 gb SD card. Updated Rasbian to the latest kernel with the update/upgrade commands.

Then, I ran your install scripts for Rasbian from Outernets main website and it installed everything nicely for me. I’m kind of surprised it even loads the firmwares for the DVB tuners. Cool, makes everything that much easier.

461e is currently not supported on Raspbian. You should try Arch Linux instead (I saw in Lemaker’s wiki that it’s supported). Iirc, you will need kernel 3.14 or newer for it, so even on Arch, kernel upgrade is required. Install is more or less the same as for Raspbian. If you wish to stick to Raspbian, you can probably compile a newer kernel.

My kernel version is 3.4.103 on Raspian

That’s too old for most purposes.

Has it been tried before?

You mean that kernel version?

Yes this one, looks like it was updated on the 26th of dec.

The package might have been updated recently, but the kernel version is old. I doubt you’ll be able to make PCTV work on it.

I will let you know if things work out when the tuner arrives in the mail. :smile:

Ok, though ONDD is compiled for Raspbian and Arch ARM, so might not work.

There is Debian and ubuntu versions with that kernel. Will let you know if I get it working…

This one is specifically for the bananapi and comes with three OS’s and 2 types of kernel choices. Going to try Debian (3.19.0 Kernel) first. Since Raspbian is based on debian I figured It would be much more compatible.


Ok, let us know how it goes.

Installed on Debian 7 (Wheezy). Used the Raspbian install script and it auto installed everything. Checked the local ip im broadcasting on and was able to use the software.

The kernel version this distro is using is. 3.19.0

Firmwares installed, next step is to test out the PCTV 461e tuner.

I may need to pitch the dish I have and see what I can do. Possibly have to order a kuband lnb if this one has any issues. We’ll see how it works out. Fun stuff…