Testing Lighthouse/ORx with LNA

Hi All, Please post your testings with LNA.

It would be great to also list sources of LNAs here. They are not particularly easy to find.

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I checked with a local store and they have ‘Line Amplifiers’ for Ku band. Just tell me what is the difference between ‘Low Noise Amplifier’ and ‘Line Amplifier’. Anyway I’m going to purchase a one from them. Price is 1600 LKR.

I’m surprised it would say “Ku band”. The LNB downconverts to roughly ~950 MHz to 2150 MHz, which is no longer Ku. My LNA is at work. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

How much gain and noise figure does your unit provide?

Actually they are not very techie guys. The ‘terms’ they are using for these products are very confusing. :slight_smile: I will upload a picture once I get it.

Frequency: 47-2300 MHz
Gain: 16-20 dB

here is the product page.

This is similar to what we can get here, though I am sure that is much less expensive:

You can find that here for USD 27

These are the specs:

1600 rupees = 12usd

Thought I’d share my experiences with satellite line amplifiers on Galaxy 19 here in Washington, DC.

When I used a line amplifier such as Syed or Pradeeka talked about, I placed it at about the middle of my RG6 cable run - - that would be about 50 meters out from my receiver and about 50 meters in from my LNB/antenna. I did achieve higher Signal levels (maybe going from 40 on the Librarian Signal Level to about 60), but the Quality indication and the bit rate remained constant.

That said, it appears the overall signal-to-noise ratio (if that’s what Quality is measuring) remained the same. Now, if the Outernet receiver needs more signal to “kick in”, then the line amplifier is a good idea.

When I use the HD Star with the Raspberry Pi in the ORxPi configuration, I needed it (or had to place the ORxPi at the base of the antenna and bring the signal indoors by WiFi). Now with the Lighthouse, I don’t need it because the Lighthouse receiver integration appears to be more robust. Ken

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Have you tried using the Winegard MP-1 for FTA reception? I was told that it was a significantly more efficient antenna design, so what it loses in gain, it makes up for in efficiency. It looks to be a really clever little all-in-one design.

The link being closed by a 60cm folding dish–which I know has horrible efficiency–makes me think there are all kinds of possibilities out there. Though there is a huge gap between 60cm and 45cm (on the MP-1).

Syed, Winegard MP1 is not available in here.
However I can test this with a 60cm old Dialog TV dish.

I connected the Line Amplifier between LNB and the HDStar tuner (very close to the tuner end) and all worked fine, but there was no additional gain in signal, quality and bit rate.After some time, the HDStar tuner gets too hot, loses the signal LOCK and also the Line Amplifier. So I removed the Line Amplifier.

Thanks for checking on this. Now we know.

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