Testing with RASPBERRY PI 1 MODEL B / ORxPi 3.1

Now I’m running a receiver with RASPBERRY PI 1 MODEL B and it is working well. But the browsing is slow comparing with the Pi2.

All the peripherals are powered with a Multi-TT USB hub.

After about 12 hours I’m getting this.

32GB SD card is attach to the Pi-1.

Hi Pradeeka,

Good to see you got the Pi B with the latest build running. I am struggling to get it past the rainbow startup currently so did you have to modify anything to get it working other than the build instructions on the Wiki? What’s your tuner? I’m using the Outernet’s GenStar HD Tuner.


@Andy_ICT2U can you point me to the exact zip you unpacked to your SD card? Also, did you verify that your write was successful (e.g., no corruption due to unsafe removal from reader)?

DISCLAIMER: We don’t really provide support for Pi1 firmware, and it’s simply recompiled without any testing hoping that it will at least boot for you.

I’m running v3.1 as it is without any modifications.

Same tuner.


Thanks Guys.
I’ll continue with this on the other post on http://discuss.outernet.is/t/getting-started-with-hd-tuner-and-pi-1-b/2111 as Pradeeka has responded on that too.
Branko, I downloaded the https://archive.outernet.is/images/ORxPi-latest.zip off the wiki which is 66,820,343 bytes and this seems to be the same as the 3.1 build.
The files seem to be intact when I re-read it back in the laptop.