.TGZ Files Viewable without downloading?

I am using the rxOS on Raspberry Pi method of receiving Outernet.

rxOS v3.0 / rpi3 (7c6e11b)

My question concerns much of the content that is now appearing as .TGZ files. I feel that I must be doing something wrong; or am missing a step in the use of the web interface.

Should the .TGZ files be viewable through the web interface in some way? Whether I use Internet Explorer or Chrome, the only way I have found to view the content is to download the file to my local PC and extract the archive.


-Scott, K4KDR

That’s not right. You are still seeing tgz files? Post-v3, those are all uncompressed before they appear in Librarian. Can you delete all of the files you’ve downloaded so far and then post a screenshot of the latest files with a .tgz extension?

Glad to!

And perhaps it has been corrected already, but if you didn’t see comments in another post, a single file has been “stuck” in an incomplete download status for over 24 hours now.

Hillary_Clinton.html.tgz (70%)

Ah, that was quick. The stuck file disappeared as I was deleting the existing content as requested.

The first “new” file downloaded immediately, so here are a couple of views…

From the “UPDATES” tab:

… and from the “BROWSE” tab:

Apologies… it’s still there:

Hillary_Clinton.html.tgz (70%)

FYI, other content (in addition to Amateur Radio APRS logs) flowing again:

Atomic_bombings_of_Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki.html.tgz (44%)

Scott, I’m also seeing the .TGZ files only. It seems when they are located in the opaks folder, TGZ is the default. Days earlier, the downloads came down in .TGZ, but were saved in another folder, They were uncompressed for you and were in .html, which opened right away.

Yes, I’ve deleted them now at Syed’s request, but there was a period where the APRS logs came down as HTML (which was also a problem since they were actually plain text and would not render correctly unless downloaded & opened with a text editor). Of course the .HTML extension caused the browser to open the file and without any markup formatting, all the text was just run together without line breaks, etc.

I guess the challenge is how to format each type of file so that it’s most easily viewed by the end-user, while keeping size down in consideration of this delivery mechanism. But, this is how solutions improve - by evolving into what works best all things considered.

Just making sure: Original problem resolved?

I’m not sure which would be the “original” since I make the mistake of branching off into other topics. However, it would be “no” to either, really.

After numerous files downloaded normally, the Clinton file is back and not moving past 70%.

Also, ALL of the files are still appearing as .tgz… both the APRS files as well as the Wikipedia content files.

Glad to help if I can provide any particulars beyond that.