The balance of multilingual conttent is the greatest challange

In another topic I talked about a similar service that have stopped. One aspect of that service is that being European multilingual content was a necessity.
Now this aspect will be in full swing for this service as well.

Many here are concerned about technical aspects, but the way I see it is that the balance of multilingual content will be the most crucial factor.

We may all agree that Wikipedia is the top candidate for Outernet, but are we talking about the English version or the Spanish or the Arabic versions.
For the Chinese it would of no use if it is not in their language and the same thing for the Russians.
So just imagine that Wikipedia will transmitted in 100 languages. This may seem to please everybody, but for sure there will be many nationals of the globe that would disagree.

On the other hand just imagine that this service would be only in English, the number of websites transmitted would be multiplied by a factor of 100 or so.

This problem can be partially solved by localized transmissions but is this feasible technically? I don’t think so.

One may say that the multilingual content will depend on the feedback, but if this service is designed for those who are cut off from the internet then how could they send feedback ?

I thought to throw this topic for discussion so have a go at it.

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