The Challenge for data

In my opinion is needed a standard for data and communications.
One API with C library and meybe a Python/Ruby/Perl extension.

Sample data in raw format and challenge for compressions, coding etc.
Different real data, this same text in few languages, meybe images, sound , brodcast, music, maps etc. The competition would be how best to encode this data to fit into the 2kbps.

\data\oneday1 for example this same text in more than 4 language

for example my program can put this same data and more languages and maps svg and small music.

What do you think?

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We are waiting for those who prepare the data sent daily through the system to show specifically what they are sending by day.
And they have added elements that may or may not be there. Which would be good to add if they fit.

In what form they must be sent and how much space we have after subtracting error correction and frames

That is, we expect raw data and data as it is sent to the satellite.

2kbps is challenging, but you can try to send more over the same channel.

Why admin not would publish data?