The chat application

I was curious on the Chat application. There is a mention that someone would need to be licensed to use the feature. Does this chat application use the RF to send the data? Is it similar to the TTGO ESP32-Paxcounter LoRa32 V2.1 1.6 that can join other nodes, because there is no license as long as the frequency used is respected. Or does it really send the data thru the satellite.

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It sends the Data over a local RF Link, Transmitting to the Sat is not possible with an LNB.

If you use the correct frequencys you could use it without a amateur radio license, but that is dependent on you country.

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There is lot’s of interest in chat applications.
Non-hams or non-developers should only buy consumer certified fcc compliant part 15 devices…
allowable field strength of 50 mV/m at a distance of 3 meters UNLESS using spread sprectrum, then up to +36dbm Effective isotropic radiated power (and most people consider lora to be spread spectrum)

The Dreamcatcher v 3.xx using the semtech sx1280/1281 chip has the highest frequency range (up to 2.5GHz) and transmits with a maximum (rated power of 12.5 dbm = 0.0178 watts)

Some IOT projects are using hoperf rfm95/96/95w boards for frequencies up to 1020MHz and typical 14dbm = 0.025 watts or the hard to find high power (w) 20 dbm = 0.100 watts

My current favorite is the TTGO Lora32 Meshtastic with their own TTGO chip which I think is similar to RFM95CW or the sx1262 or sx1276 (up to 1020MHz power outputs of 18.3dbm = 0.0767 watts)

I have seen project designs using the ebyte rf modules rated as high as 30dbm = 1 watt at 915MHz

I wonder if it can be used with a Gateway.

New board

I think the new board is designed by the same person created Othernet.