The Globe Weather

Please don’t ever get rid of what I call the Globe Weather! It is truly fantastic! And I’m sure it’s quite a job to upload the updates. Thanks for sure!


Rather than start a new thread I thought that this topic was appropriate to discuss a suspected issue with the weather app on Skylark.

The weather app will not present data for 24, 48 or 72 hour forecasts. Clicking the + or - buttons produces a “No data” report. Only the “Now” option works.
Using the file manager I can see that JSON files exist for the forthcoming days. There are also relevant grib files present in the grib folder.

I am not seeing that issue here ( on Alphasat in Europe)

The weather has been working really well for me for a while now

@Gary_Smith, quick question for you to help troubleshoot… What is your current uptime?

I had the same problem after having flashed my CHIP, I had waited 24 hours but only had “Now” data and things would not work right. I was told just to wait a couple of days, and sure enough things sorted themselves out. I think it was 3 or so days uptime before all was right. I think I missed a file, or it had something to do with GMT vs Local time that messed the date calculations up.


About a week ago, I cleared the WEATHER folder, and now I only get a “NO DATA” massage. The Weather folder HAS repopulated with data and the web app is working, but no data displaied. Any Ideas?

You probably have erased files that are not regularly transmitted like earth-topo*