The INDEXA Humanitarian Fund “Hams with Hearts”

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IINDEXA is proud to announce the formation of a new fund within INDEXA that specifically supports humanitarian projects carried out by DXpeditions. The generous initial contribution by Mr. Zorro Miyazawa, JH1AJT, will enable INDEXA to begin humanitarian support grants beginning mid-January of 2016. The tag line for this fund is “Hams with Hearts.”

It seems to me that ham radio would be an excellent method for extending the Outernet Community into the areas where the service is most used - many of your users on the ground will be technically proficient, and with the help of the Ham community, along with the possibility of a grant, is should be possible to get real two way communications going.

I specifically note the existence of a Raspberry Pi based TNC, and Digipeaters, for APRS, along with APRS internet gateways.

I would have suggested that Outernet encourage the Ham community to curate a Bin, this could provide all sorts of useful information and be a valuable source of content for Outernet.


I am a ham myself and we have a cryptocurrency project as well…
It’s called Hamradiocoin, kinda like bitcoin but it has been used to
promote ham radio and has been used to send relief to ham radio operators
that were hurricane victims in Puerto rico a short while back.

Outernet and ham radio as well as p2p WIFI
all seem to fit together very well.

We have some free to use SDR receivers on our website.

here is some additional info about the ninux p2p wifi project

and the battlemesh p2p WIFI group

We also just did a proof of concept experiment with HamRadioCoin over Outernet

I think all these technology’s work very well together and can even add a means of sending
funds anywhere in the world via many types of
RF communication for personal use or for disaster relief or any humanitarian efforts.
The coins are already traded and can be monetized on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

All this tech is amazing and could be used together for the greater good…