The World bank & Washington power

Some critics, most prominently the author Naomi Klein, are of the opinion that the World Bank Group’s loans and aid have unfair conditions attached to them that reflect the interests, financial power and political doctrines (notably the Washington Consensus) of the Bank and, by extension, the countries that are most influential within it.

The criticism of Structural Adjustment Policies is well known I assume: Essentially that the imposed austerity leads to underinvestment in public health infrastructure. Studies have shown strong connections between SAPs and tuberculosis rates in developing nations.

The argument is that the bank’s credibility was fatally compromised when it forced school fees on students in Ghana in exchange for a loan

Disastrous forced water privatisation on Tanzania

Was there any discussion of how suitable the World bank were as a partner? I know they probably do some good stuff too & I’m sure the Outernet project will be better thought through?

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This is an extremely important post and question.
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Great idea but who are you working with?