There is any plans for any kind of expansion on coverage?


I would like to know if they have expansion plans (coverage), even in the long term.
there is a lot of interest in trying out the new version among the forum community around the world.


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@Syed can probably tell you. My guess they need to sell-out of the first 1000 DreamCatcher boards. What part of the world are you in?

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Would LOVE to see Outernet expand into my part of the world (Oceania). I have a kit ready to go (couldn’t help myself and bought one), and am watching closely on any developments. Absolutely love the hardware and Skylark. :heart_eyes:

We actually have some APAC testing lined up, but it’s only for a few months so we won’t be publicizing it. The goal is for an organization to pick up the costs for the channel, so it can also be used for tsunami warnings abd disaster relief.

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If there’s any APAC transmissions/tests planned, let me know. Both myself and my father have thew new boards up and running. I’m in Sydney, and Dad’s in Darwin closer to the equator/Asia (12S, 130E).

Would be glad to assist with testing.


This sounds exciting. What satellite will you be using?

Same technology as you are using in USA?

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