This OUTERNET Web Site is confusing

A few months ago, I was able to find some reasonable information about the possibilities of OUTERNET on this website Now instead, you get a confusing Information about “Software Defined Radios for Everyone” - Dreamcatcher - the good old valuable information is gone…

The OUTERNET is well described in the last ARRL QST Magazine of June 2017, including the DIY ground station kit. also a new Latern solar-powered Outernet ground Station is mentioned. All this cannot be found here. Why?

Best regards
Gert, OE3ZK, running the DIY ground Station fron good old Austria, in Europe

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Good observation. I don’t even go to the main page anymore since I just come directly here. I really hope the OuterNet folks haven’t changed their business plan to only selling hardware and scrap the data broadcast.

@Syed ?

The broadcast is really expensive to run. Without sufficient hardware sales–or related project revenue–the data broadcast needs to be adjusted.

The reason the website has changed is because we are reducing the channel bandwidth in the coming weeks. Once the new channel is stable, some of the old language will go back up.

are you seeing any data from the 25E sat over Europe though Gert?
I have had lock but no data now since 00:43:09 on the 18th June
@syed I don’t want to restart the CHIP but should i?

Hi Neil

I noted data incoming from time to time today and yesterday. Although t is not a continous datastream.

Gert, OE3ZK

What does this actually mean?

Are you lowering the Data rate?

Are you lowering the Data rate and increasing the radio signal strength so a smaller antenna can pick up the Outernet signal?



I believe this Outernet project is far too important for our world to be reduced to SDR sales. The idea and the motifs themselves belong more widespread and properly marketed. Why do I need to search in Wikipedia what should I find here on this website? GREENPEACE has 3 million supporters worldwide. Would not that be possible with OUTERNET? How about a foundation and important people that stay behind the idea and importance of OUTERNET?

Gert, OE3ZK


@OE3ZK I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of what we are doing–this is all I’ve been doing with my life for the past three years. I had previously assumed that there would be much more interest from foundations and NGOs, but that has not been the case. I agree that we may not have done a proper job in marketing, but for a long time, there was considerable positive media attention on our work. At those times, we had discussions with World Bank, UNICEF, ministries of educations in various countries, etc. However, none of the discussions materialized into projects that could provide long-term support for the broadcast. We had no choice but to make the switch to SDR sales.

Creating an Outernet foundation is a simple task, but acquiring the funding for long-term support of the foundation is no small feat.

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