Timeline for starting the services of Outernet

Is there any timeline set for starting the services of the outer net? What will be the modus operandi of its control? Who will own it? What will be the tariff structure? Where will be its headquarters? Any thoughts give to these issues/


AFAIK it will be operational starting from June 2015 if everything goes well.

We’re a little behind schedule. August 1st is the new start date. This is when our prototype service wil be available, which will use bandwidth from geostationary Ku-band satellites.

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How do you plan to get cheap mobile devices to access a ku-band network? A mobile ku-band device weighs 30 pounds and costs $10,000…

The Ku-band service is not meant to be mobile. We will be using UHF for delivery to mobile receivers.

crowfunding in the site outernet.is is a good ad for project is use php,drupal,apache,wikimedia is opensource and a new and old idea and the kickstarter is closedsource and closedsource stink and is a demoniac is plaque and idiot and goofy is a ill; open source is change the world and is a the future,present and past… ku-band mobile is a part of project outernet is discard or no, only time say???

i got a ku system. i just hope outernet will be able to be used on my current hardware. I got a lexium 7000 receiver, and a winegaurd satellite dish.

that pic is kind of big. sorry about that. I did not see a way of resizing the image.

if it is using UHF, does that mean any tv would be picking it up? :smiley:

No, TV UHF is on a different frequency range within the UHF band. However, a DVB-T dongle could pick up the signal.