Train to Idiotsville

Well, the train to Idiotsville stopped and I got on.

I was having a problem with receiving any type of good signal. I could not seem to fix it at all - period.

One thing which keep happening was the satellite location would always reset to it’s default back to Europe / West Africa - each and every time. I would select America and the click over to see the signal to noise ratio - it was always and always pathetic.

Then, I happened to chat with a guy in Chicago named Syed and explained my quandarious situation.

I went step by step on the setup and explained the problem as we went along.

Once again, I switched from Europe / West Africa over to America and clicked (as usual) the signal information.

This Syed fellow (from Chicago) asked if I clicked on “Accept” on the satellite selection display.

Mmm, No, I didn’t. - I thought it was automatically accepted / saved. Apparently not!

So, before you get on the train Idiotsville and make a fool of yourself, select Accept and have a happy Outernet life!

It’s just something I took for granted that it would automatically save my selection.

Thank you Syed!!

Zadim T.


Not to worry! You are not the first one to find this. Now you are a member of the club . :grinning:

If you don’t occasionally take a train to Idiotsville you aren’t testing your limits.


I think we all board that train occasionally :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies - I was feeling like the only round head in a pointy head world…

Okay guys…time to take the pointy hats off.

Ok I got my ticket for a ride to. Got my new dream catcher and used the wrong format on the ad card. Reformatted fat32 reloaded skylark image and the unit fired right up

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man, i am on this train as well …
so when i click the link at the top of every forum page - i get a 404 error

now if i back into the DIR [] i can find this

should i burn this img file for dreamcatcher
or wait for the real V4.4