Translating fundraiser and promo videos

I think it would be a good idea to add subtitle translations for the Outernet video channel on YouTube. Many people do not understand spoken English in targets zones, and I would expect the thin but existing middle class in targeted areas to be very helpful.

Adding subtitles to the fundraiser and promo materials would make both the project more known worldwide, as it would be more quotable in local media, and also it would make it possible to spread the crowdsourcing campaigns to more countries, and possibly to local crowdsourcing platform. I can imagine that local communities and charities would be interested to bring Lantern and the fruits of the project closer to the people. For instance, Introducing Lantern: One Device = Free Data Forever has a subtitle in English, and adding new languages is a piece of cake.

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My name is Varshan BP, I can help you by translating Outernet videos to some of regional Indian Languages.