Trim frequency in software

Is there a way of tweaking frequency of the Outernet dongle in the rxOS?
That is 1539.87 MHz. I think the frequency is really 1539.875 MHz. Right now I see offset is about -50 Hz with SNR of 3.0. The other day I noticed the offset was about +30 Hz with a much better SNR. I know many factors go into an SNR reading and it’s always changing.

Yes, you can go into Custom Tuner Settings and adjust the frequency manually.

As Syed said you can change the frequency but not really needed if you entered the good nominal value as the software makes automatic tracking of the Outernet signal.


Where is Custom Tuner Settings? I’m using rxOS 3.0 for Raspberry Pi, plus Outernet dongle, LNA, and patch.

BTW I sent for another LNA. I believe it got zapped somehow, for all I see is much less than SNR 2.
Maybe it happened when I threw a large plastic bag over top of setup at night to protect from dew. I checked the
best I could. Seems to drawing about 30 ma. Worked on problem all day, checking cables, orientation. Maybe It got too hot when we had heat spell.
I put fan near it. Seemed to improve SNR about 1 dB. At one time I almost saw SNR of 7. Then a couple days ago, practically nothing.
Re-installed rxOS 3.0. RPi, dongle, antenna. All seem OK. I hope new LNA will fix problem.
Right now No Joy.

Under the admin panel, there is a tab called Tuner Settings (Settings --> Tuner Settings). It’s the first tab in the list. At the bottom of the expanded list, there is a drop-down menu that says Satellites. The last selection on that list is Custom.

OK I see it, said the blind man! Thanks. Not going to change anything yet, probably will not. Waiting for new LNA I ordered.