Trouble flashing chip

Flashed my chip using vm. Everything went normal and if I read the instructions right it was suppose to reboot its self after the flash… it didn’t. I am not a programmer so I don’t know if it’s a software problem or a dud chip

Did you get a usb not recognized error after the flash competed? Assuming you are on windows.

The reboot isn’t very noticeable unless you are watching the LEDs closely, you may have missed it.

No errors. I left it set 20 minutes unplugged it pulled the fel wire and plugged it into a known good power supply and got nothing… no hot spot and lights remained off. When I did hit the power button the lights flashed on and went back off

Try to flash it again, but watch it so you can see its behavior.
You can also try a NTC image to rule out a bad nand chip.

I run the VirturalBox ,then it cannot find CHIP in the FEL mode.How to solve it?

You need to run a jumper between and fel pin on header and ground. Also make sure usb cable is made for data transfer. Headers are marked.

I have run a jumper between and fel pin on header and ground.
but …

Hui_SHI YOU NEED TO CHECK your USB cable … my problem is my chip computer is a turd…my next option is order the dream catcher and start over

Is that CHIP from Outernet or directly from NTC?

Third party selling on eBay.chip computers are hard to get right now since they are up grading the processer. When I plug mine in with the sdr plugged into the USB the prosesser got too hot to touch and I know the sdr is good I was using it plugged into my windoze computer

How much did you pay for the CHIP?

Like 25 with shipping… was the only vendor I found that hard one. I am waiting for a email to see if I can get it replaced