Trouble getting Lock central California

So I am embarrassed as to how much time I have spent trying to get othernet to work. I have read and reread user guides. I have good bias t and current. I have used tysons freq finder up to 200 steps and realign a 35cm dish many times. For where i am at it is 132.9 azi 36.8 ele and -36.7 skew. I have been able to get the ant 6 led to blink pretty fast heartbeat like it wants to lock but no luck. I have even used the app to manual adjust freq 5kHz steps almost over the 100kHz “drift” of a dual low. started at 12.0894 freq and beam 36. I am pretty good with all of this stuff but I will say that it shouldn’t be this hard. Ken or tyson do you have any suggestions before I throw in the towel and sell the setup. I have many other HAM radio projects on the backburner trying to get this up. So thanks for any help.

What kind of LNB do you use?

dual lo that came with 3.05 Dreamcatcher the one sold right before the bullseye one on the homepage now

Using my Sat Finder Tool you get a good Live view at the Tuner Stats, if you are able to get any type of Signal to show up on there you shoudl be able to use the freq_offset to find the right Frequency.

Is your LNB a Bullseye or did it ship with another Dual LO LNB?

are you talking about Freq Finder html app? I used both your satellite pointer and freq finder. your app gives me magnetic heading of 120 deg. so I have been sliding satellite back and forth while elevation and skew stays the same. is there another app that i missed. I have the dual low that sold right before bullseye. I do not have the maverick

That would be the white avenger unit… in between maverick and bullseye

Do you know how good this LNB is? i have no idea how stable it is really.

Yeah the Freq Finder html app is correct, i recommend you to use for Pointing.
From there it should be just a matter of changing Frequency over the Freq Finder

it was sold by othernet so I would hope it was up to the task of receiving othernet signals. it was said to have freq stability +/- 200kHz when it was on the website and in the WIKI’s

So i used the freq app again and scanned after rechecking dish alignment. as it is scanning through freq I am watching ant 6 led it blinks almost non stop (very fast as its passing signals then slows again) but it never gets any packets or lock, i have tysons freq finder app and DC tuner app open next to each other so i can see them both, still no luck. I am thinking that the 10 steps in your app should be enough for initial lock before fine tune. 10 steps at 10kHZ that’s 100kHZ below and above 12.0894. Hate to throw in the towel but I think I might be done. This is the second time since I have gotten it that I have spent days with no luck. both bare LNB and 35cm satellite.

If anyone is still looking for a DC3.05, 50 foot RG6, 3 foot rg6, a 35 cm satellite, leave your email here or private message and I will send you an email. I still think othernet is a awesome idea and would love to get it working, but simply i have other things i should be working on. paypal preferred. Guess I should also say no returns. 50$ for everything minus power cable and SD card. CON US ONLY

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Very small Bluish White LED 6 shows packet activity. It only blinks slowly when packets are being received. You said “able to get the ant 6 led”. Not sure what you mean. Green LED 8 is Heartbeat. And when I have lock, it blinks 3 times a space, then 2 times repeating. Not sure of pattern when no lock, but it always blinks. White LED 9 is power. I live in SoCal with very similar Azimuth of 121 deg. I had the same pointing trouble. It takes a lot of patience. Try to keep at it. Check N2YO. Use SES 2 to look up the satellite. Do not spell it any other way. Azimuth shown is True.

yes you are correct screen printing is very tiny LED 8 is blinking faster while scanning. I have never had LED 6 light.

Did you ever have a successful lock and packets with an earlier setup, like last year?

No never. I used bare lnb and a tall boy aluminum can as a director. I figured it would have been easier back then with more bandwidth from the satellites to get a lock. It’s been over a year last time I had it out. At this point with syed coming out with new units 50$ might even be to much to ask. If you want it pay shipping and maybe buy me a few tall cans if someone wants to take a stab at it. I really don’t have time to keep messing with it as much as I want to. I have an hf tower up that needs a yagi. APRS stations that need to be maintained / repaired. A house that need a tile floor and a list a mile long. I figure shipping around 20-25$ and beer at 5$. 30$ it’s probably a better price.

It sounds like the same sort of problems I had when I tried using Internet Explorer. As soon as I switched to Edge or Firefox or Chrome, it locked right up and everything started working well. Good luck.

You might re-establish you are pointing in correct direction. Azimuth is the more important. Incorrect Elevation can’t be forgotten. Mine is at 38 degrees. As someone pointed out, Skew can add a few dB’s. Mine is about 37 degrees CW when looking at the front of the dish. I could not get a signal till I remembered a certain tree slot I used to line up on before. If you are 7 to 10 degrees off, you may not find it. It is harder than before because of the narrower bandwidth. Hang in there.

Sold. I hope that this project comes to fruition and will soon not be so difficult to get set up. I may then revisit getting a dream catcher. I still believe there is much value here. Good luck all

Hi Roscoe - - don’t give up. First thoughts, what LNB are you using? And did you select the Single or Dual LNB setting. Then, are you using the true or magnetic azimuth in your siting? (This is Dishpointer setup data for LA)


Big difference here - almost 12 degrees.

Then, when you started your setup, did you set your satellite to Custom, and click Apply? Ken