Tuning into AsiaSat-5

I am getting a no lock for the AsiaSat -5 satellite. I already have a dish antenna set to the asiasat satellite and which is receiving TV channels but I get a no lock on the Librarian tuner settings. Any Ideas?? Btw I live in Pakistan

Are you seeing the Outernet radio channel through the tv viewer?

No I didn’t see it through the tv viewer and by tv viewer I think you are talking about the software which helps see tv channels on your computer. I already have a dish receiver which has the option of showing signal strengths from different satellites. that receiver is hooked up to the Smart TV. Let me run you through what I did. I first checked what my dish from a site,

Then after selecting AMOS 2 as my satellite in the dish receivers interface I punched in my local latitude and longitude to get the azimuth and elevation angle for my dish antenna. I concluded that AMOS 2 and AsiaSat 5 are infact one in the same as I also didn’t see an option for AsiaSat in my dish receivers drop down list of satellites.

After that I checked my signal strength and quality of the signal from my receiver it was great. I plugged out my coaxial cable from the receiver and put it in the lighthouse. started the librarian went to the tuner settings and saw no lock. :frowning:

So here are a couple of questions which i would like to ask.

  1. 100.5 East = 2 W ? meaning AMOS 2 = ASIASAT 5?

  2. The manual which came with the lighthouse says the LNB has to be horizontal for ASIASat.
    Well it is horizontal on my side too. I checked that too from the receivers GUI, set the LNB first to
    vertical got 0 signal strength and quality. Changed back to horizontal got good SNR and BER. But the
    image which I gave you above requires a tilt in the LNB, is that required?

  3. AsiaSat already transmits TV Channels do you guys have particular Bandwidth allocated for your
    transmission. If I remember right the frequency is 3,960 MHz. But how much is the Bandwidth for
    outernet exactly. I am guessing its 40 MHz, your outernet bandwidth that is.

  4. The status.outernet.is shows 0 devices connected to the asiasat 5. As I have read one a different
    thread that this is infact the number of receivers on ground connected to the Satellite. Is that true?

I am buying a new dish which will be dedicated to my lighthouse tomorrow. I will move it’s elevation and azimuth according to the image provided above. I didn’t want to move the dish which already is connected to the satellite receiver.
Any Input will be appreciated. Please note that I don’t remember how I set my satellite for AMOS 2 it was a long time ago.

AsiaSat is not the same as AMOS-2, and they are located at different longitudes (101E vs 4W).

Each receiver is equipped with a heatbeat script that transmits the reception status on an interval. This only works if the receiver is connected to the Internet somehow. So 0 is the number of Internet-connected receivers that are reporting in. I think I remember at least one person setting up on AsiaSat 5 but I can’t find that thread atm.

From what I can see, AMOS 2 is a Ku band only bird. Our stream on AsiaSat 5 comes from a C band beam. Dish size requirement seems to be anywhere from 1.5m to 3.5m depending on location. You can find the footprint map on SatBeam (select “Global” under “AsiaSat 5”). I’m not familiar with C band, so I have no advice on pointing and LNB selection, but maybe someone who has an AsiaSat 5 setup can chime in.

My LNB says it C band too and still I get AMOS 2 TV channels?

Hm, maybe the data on satbeams is outdated…

Apparently its not

AMOS 2 has multiple beams, some of which covers your location, but SatBeam only has info about Ku beams, and no mention of C.

As for whether your dish is pointed at AsiaSat or not, that’s hard to say. The sure way to confirm is to see if you can tune in. If you get a service lock (bitrate goes up) then you are pointed. Another way would be to check if you can get any TV channels with a TV app or dedicated TV box.

How fast does the tuner setting show lock on satellite? As soon as It finds the satellite? I will share my dish’s image with you guys tomorrow when it is day time. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I calibrated the azimuth and elevation with Satellite Director. LNB is set to horizontal.

Can you post an image of your LNB and also the frequency range specifications?

3.7 to 4.2 GHz frequency range. All C band LNBs have the same frequency range

Is satellite director the way to go when finding a satellite?

In the tuner settings GUI there are 3 symbols
First one looks like a jack what does that symbol mean? Should it blink in the GUI when Jack is not connected to the lighthouse from the lnb?

Yes. Your LNB is in the correct input frequency range - 3,960 MHz = 3.9 GHz

That dish looks way too small for C-band, though. How big is it? Also, you have a dish with LNB positioned in the middle (axial), so elevation would be different than the pointing diagram you posted earlier, which is for an off-axis dish.

Dish is 3 feet 10 inches( 116.84 cm). Just measured it,

Same calculation as the offset dish. The only difference is the offset which i didnt take into account when i was fixing the dish.

You should have 5ft dish to receive the AsiaSat 5 signal.
visit http://www.satbeams.com/footprints

smaller diameter dish antenna will not work?

Usually it won’t.