Twitter Feeds Returning to Outernet

When do you think the Twitter Feeds will return? Ken

I’m not sure we’ll go back to Twitter feeds. Instead, we’ll switch to RSS feeds that have the entire body of text included in the feed.

Are you a ham? If so, have you seen the L-band signal in your spectrum analyzer? We’re live across two-thirds of the world. Starting August 1st, we’ll have full global coverage with the addition of the Asia-Pacific beam.

RSS Feeds sound like a great idea.

Syed could you please explain a bit more about what feeds you will be making available.

Do you think we could vote to choose extra feeds?.

What is available as a RSS feed?

How Data intensive are RSS data Feeds.

How much Data a day are you expecting to transmit on the L-Band?


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Feeds I think would be good

Creative commons international news in Spanish

Reddit world news, covers pretty much all major stories in English & the headlines are written by users, not agencies, so I think you could use it.

Radio free Asia in Mandarin

Human rights watch in
Mandarin ,, English French, Arabic.

Reporter San Frontier in English & French Arabic

Amnesty in English, French, Spanish, Arabic

World health Organisation disease outbreaks:

Also to note if there are any particularly good twitter feeds that don’t exist elsewhere you could grab them with this:

The above would look a bit like this:

I think it gives a pretty good picture of what’s going on. I reckon we could probably get permission to get full text for all of them, apart from Reddit that would have to remain as teasers…

Don’t forget Drudgereports frontpage. Its mostly text only interface.

Yes but don’t forget the world already has pretty good access to politically conservative US centric news.

Several months ago, Outernet was sending Wikinews articles that were very good. Generally speaking, Wikinews has got a good reputation for being unbiased because of the diversity of contributors.

Perhaps this might be something the Outernet Community could live with if it were restarted. Ken

My thoughts are how many news articles can be fitted onto a L-Band 20 MB a day download?

Well in terms of news headlines this page comes in at 25.9kb (excluding images) I realise it’s just headlines, but it does give a flavour of what’s going on in the world.

This creative commons Spanish feed would be 26kb/ day for 12 articles which is what they put out on the 28th.

This wikinews feed, which I don’t personally rate for quality, but OK it’s creative commons is 12.32kb (without images)

That all said, means L-Band can handle news feeds :slight_smile:

The bigger issue is what to feed, and I don’t think we’ll agree on that issue. But something should be broadcast to Outernet receivers in regions of the world where news is not readily available. Ken

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Yes for me it comes down to use cases. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

  1. Aid worker in Africa somewhere, fighting Ebola/ similar.
    Need: Info on weather (see proposal here), spread of ebola
    Likely source: Disease outbreak news

  2. Dissident in Arabic speaking North African/ Middle eastern country
    Need: News about the country/ repression from a source other than the state
    Likely source:One of the NGO’s sources in Arabic, listed on the right of this page: Human rights watch, Amnesty etc.

  3. Someone sailing offshore in Pacific/ Atlantic
    Need: Offshore weather
    Likely source: Weather proposal

  4. Dissident in a repressive Asian country
    Need: News about the country/ repression from a source other than the state
    Likely source: Radio free Asia in my language listed on the right of this page:

  5. Dissident in China
    Need: News about the country/ repression from a source other than the state
    Likely source: Radio Free Asia/ Human rights watch in Mandarin. (listed on right of this page)
    This is the key use case for me: If you make it work well for middle-class Chinese people the receivers will be locally produced, they will be shipped to North Korea

  6. Someone going camping in North America/ Europe
    Need: Weather
    Likely source: Weather proposa

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