Typical satellite receiver - a good source of gps data signal?


Congratulations for promoting bold idea of satellite one way data library !

Question: can you connect any satellite decoder to any laptop in order to create an Outernet Library?

At home I have an old satellite decoder (specs see last page in this pdf file: https://satservice.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/HD3000-instrukcja-obslugi-401a-col-www.pdf). It worked in Europe for receipt of standard satellite TV signal ( HD 3000 in High Density mode). Can I connect such receiver to a Linux based computer to get the same result as Lighthouse unit?

This would require a Linux based client on satellite receiver (or not if standard signal is passing through) and ORx software for Linux PC. It could make Outernet project be ready for replications on global scale, based on available equipment (thousands of idle satellite receivers and old PCs that are disposed of in Europe).


In theory, any Linux computer with a working DVB-S/S2 tuner (PCI card, USB, etc) should be a good candidate for Outernet receiver. Having said that, the setup is currently reasonably difficult (even for us). In the coming month, we will work on simplifying that, though, and documenting deployment process.

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