Typo or name change? OTHER-net?

Outernet is Othernet? Is this new and I just missed it? Typo?

Name change. Trademark issues with Outernet.


please switch to using forums.othernet.is, status.othernet.is, and othernet.is instead of the outernet equivalents. the outernet equiv will stop working in a few weeks.

Sorry to hear what sounds like a hassle… Othernet is cool.

definitely a hassle. literally hundreds of tiny changes.

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Forget my suggestion about C. Crane. You and the Team have enough on your plate. I’ll remove it.

Incredible hassle. I think most of it is taken care of now, though.

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While there are quite a few claims on Outernet …

there still seems to be a conflict with Othernet on a trademark search:


Ahhhh it looks like you filed a long time ago…

You may want to suggest several users to vacate the twitter accounts based on your trademark ownership:



Yes, we’ve been fighting the trademark issue for a long time. As a contingency, Othernet was registered.

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Many of the forum discussion topics categories still are called outernet_xxxx.

Can an “admin” change them retroactively to othernet ?

I think so, can you point to one?


Ok, I think I got them all.


I love it - - you did well!! Ken

A word search of outer will bring up more