UART help on dreamcatcher(solved i think)

just picked up a kedsum cp2102 usb to URAT…

anyone got any info on how to connect and get it to log into the dreamcatcher…
Im a Little slow on new stuff i get more like (DUMB)

first thing i forgot to do was POWER and Boot the dreamcatcher…
took a min but i got her…

Sorry that I don’t have any feedback on that device. Out of curiosity, why did you not use a simple microUSB cable and Putty?

The OTG USB broke off…(stuff happens)
But no biggie. I got it still…I forgot to switch tx to rx on the board.

@DV8, James is not the only so called “Dummy” out there. I qualify too - - I’ve got my Dreamcatcher booted up and running with all the pretty lights blinking (which must mean everthing is OK), but have as yet been able to find the Dreamcatcher on my Windows 10 computer when plugged in as directed. Ken

are you UARTing it?

if the OTG is not working and or Gone.
you will need to plug into the UART on the board.
and have a usb UART…
… if you have that all i did was the following

Plug in the usb-UART to my pc (win10) Give it a few to update its drivers…'then goto your Device Manager to see what Com Port it is on…
then open PUTTY (serial comX)
this should open to the Term. with a blank page.

now plug the wires in to the usbUART(on the computer) GND, TX, RX
now power up the DREAMCATCHER
Plug into the Dreamcatchers UART as Follows

USB} Dreamcatcher

GND to GND on both
TX to RX on Dreamcatcher)
RX - TX on Dreamcatcher

you should start to see info on PUTTY
if not Hit Enter

No - - I’m plugged into the OTG on the Dreamcatcher from my Windows 10. I’m looking for a serial connection to the Dreamcatcher in Windows 10. Ken

ok let me send you a PM

OK now - - thanks, I solved the problem.

For others interested, here are the steps:

1 After loading the software on the micro SD chip, connect t a Windows 10 machine USB port from the Dreamcatcher USB-OTG port:

2 Go to Device manager and find the Dreamcatcher:

3 Go to the device’s PROPERTIES to determine the COM Port number - Mine being COM3:

4 Configure PuTTY as shown to your COM Port number and operate PuTTY as a SERIAL terminal:

5 Open PuTTY and you arrive at the Dreamcatcher login screen:

PS in Windows XP, I was not able to load the drivers for the Dreamcatcher. Ken

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Perfect !!

Hi Ken,

the usb gadget working very bad under Windows unfortunately :frowning: For some time it wasn’t working at all, looks like now some new driver out there that you could make it work. I usually use USB gadget under linux which works reliable.

I’m making progress here, Zoltan, thank you for your advise. Now that I’m in the Dreamcatcher via my above method, I’ll be better able to investigate its properties.

Just like everyone, I’m waiting for a Skylark-like program to install after Syed re configures the satellite feeds, I’m getting good performance out of my CHIP/SDR/LNA/Patch system. :yum:


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