Unable to get any signal am using 2.5 amp power supply

just bought , have tried all day , unable to get any signal am using 2.5 amp power supply , Dreamcatcher v3.05 Data Radio Kit with latest firmware ,should i spend more money for an antenna ? Is this going to last i dont want to spend alot of money on a dead project or is it going to be around for long or will it be changed 3 more times only to get no signal should i invest in a satellite dish or is this junk?

Welcome to Othernet, Johnny! This certainly isn’t junk, nor is it a dead project. It does take a little persistence at first to get everything running correctly. Don’t invest in a dish just yet. You didn’t mention where you are located, however, so we would need your city and state to be able to discuss the pointing of your LNB. Are you able to see the Skylark 5.8 opening screen on your web browser? If so, click on the blue square in the upper left corner of the screen, and open “Log Viewer” and then select Diagnostics. At the bottom of the display there are some figures for the LNB power. Check this out and let us know here what you see there. It should look something like this:

You may log into my unit on the internet at, user as othernet, password is j7m*2.
I would add that an excellent user’s manual, written by another user, Ken Barbi, is available at http://davs.org/DreamcatcherV3.05.pdf
Please check your source voltage with a digital meter to be sure it is at least 5.0 volts. We have experienced a lot of power units that have sufficient current (2.5A), but when connected to the circuit, the voltage is under 5.0. My first power unit did that after I had run it for several months, and it drove me nuts until we measured it and found it to be only 4.97. From that time forward, I have used an official Raspberry Pi power supply (5.1 volts), with no problems.