Unable to Signin to Librarian

The login in the Librarian does not recognize my password. I am assuming that it is the same ten digit number used here; is that wrong? Please advise.

Additionally, I am questioning my Sat Pointer settings. Usual advice suggests starting at your Latitude for the elevation. my latitude is 32.3118 and the Sat Pointer software say that I should set my el. to 52.4 degrees… That does not seem correct. Any other pointing programs online available?


Mine came with user: outernet pass: outernet

I’ve found this useful as it has the Inmarsats included http://www.satpointer.com/

The elevation sounds correct. If you were at the equator, then you would need to point straight up – 90-degrees. Chicago is at 45-degrees north and I point the antenna with a 45-degree elevation. Receivers in Alaska have a very low elevation.