Update CHIP from shell prompt?

I have some software issues with my Chip (stock firmware version 3.0). I have frequent crashes and freezes, so I want to upgrade to 3.1. One other problem I unfortunately have, is that the Firmware Upgrade dialog is NOT working. When I click it open, a whitebox appears instead of the prompt for the selection of the file.

Can somebody please tell me how to do the update from the command prompt? I assume it will be something like:

sudo opkg install ???

Try using a different browser. I have had intermittent problems using FireFox and went to Chrome. I am using a Windows XP OS. Ken

@Abhishek What is the location that the update .pkg needs to be placed via scp, in order to trigger the update?

Hi Kenbari,

Thanks for your suggestion, that seem to work.I tried IE, Firefox, but Chrome works a lot better and now the dialog of the update works.

@Syed @Abhishek still would be interested to know how I can update via FTP/SSH.

I am sorry, but update cannot currently be triggered over ftp/ssh.