Update wiki article about external storage

With all the positive changes in adding external storage to the ORxPis and Lighthouses, I believe it is time to update the Wiki article https://wiki.outernet.is/wiki/External_storage_on_ORxPi and place a link to it under Connecting to Outernet on the main Wiki page.

It would also be a good idea to list the storage devices that have been successfully added (much the way you originally listed the vetted USB DVB-S/S2 tuners) and delete the on ORxPi since the article would apply to both ORxPis and Lighthouses. Ken

Good call. I’ll get that fixed.

This would be a good candicate for community contributed info. I’ll get the list started and will let you know so you can add more.

Here’s another page to work on in your spare time - - https://wiki.outernet.is/wiki/Lighthouse_Instructions :grinning:


Updated instructions here:


It doesn’t yet have a list of known storage devices that we are using. I’ll get on that some other time.