Updating the outdated shortwave broadcast schedule

In the Schedules directory on the filesystem, there is a file entitled Shortwave Broadcasting Schedule - 30 OCT 2016--26 MAR 2017.txt. It is now May 1st. Can we get an updated shortwave broadcasting schedule pushed? The old one is only useful for historical reference as broadcasters generally shift frequencies in the semi-annual schedule changes.

Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio can probably point the way to useful schedule sites with data to push.

actually, you can send the data to be uploaded yourself :slight_smile:
If you want to edit a list and keep it under 10k then submit it here https://outernet.is/content-guidelines and it will (probably) be uploaded in a day or so.


See, the thing is that the original listing weighs in at 436 kb roughly. It is pushed out repeatedly to every receiver. That should be swapped out for a new version rather than being kept.

As for new content myself, keeping it under 10 kb is not bloody likely. I might get a single station in if I was lucky.

Let’s see how this goes :slight_smile:

Well the data is there, just doesn’t look great. I think next time I will wrap the text file in some simple HTML and try again.

It would be cool if the conversion process would let .txt files transmit as .txt instead of treating them as HTML. @Abhishek ? :slight_smile:

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well done @kf4hzu :slight_smile:
so the file name is “.html” and the contents looks like an encrypted file, but we know that it will work…

@KC8BFI - The entire team at Outernet is like 4 people, and they are often trying to get equipment out, so things like this issue you have found are best handled by the “community” (by that I mean us!) using the tools they have given us.
For the price of some “credits” you can tweet a webpage to be uploaded. Now we know what happens if the webpage is a simple text file LOL! If you want to have a go at converting the text to HTML so it will display correctly & stick it where it can bee seen by the internet , maybe it can go up.


I provided that original EIBI file to Syed for uploading after many tries in condensing it down to hourly pieces or into something readable/uploadable with no success.

EIBI files are free to redistribute and I also got permission from HFCC to put theirs up as well. Still, the 10kb limit is a problem.


I think of us as the “communiteam”.

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