Upgraded to 5.5 password doesn't work

Hello, today I upgraded from 5.3 to 5.5. Everything works fine as far as content when I go in with Guest. I cannot enter as an Admin. I have tried othernet and othernet. I have tried outernet and outernet. I never changed the password before. Is there now a different password for the admin other than what is in Ken’s excellent guide?

When you want to access the admin level of Skylark, the User name is othernet (instead of guest) and the password is othernet. Ken

I kept trying to enter the password. Kept telling my it was wrong. I noticed that when using the Dream Catcher as a hotspot, it was still broadcasting “OUTERNET” as the WIFI. I was able to get into Othernet by using the guest access. I reset the board to factory specs on the touchscreen menu and the outernet wifi ID changed to “othernet.” I was then able to log in as the admin with User: othernet and Password: othernet.