Uplink Option with Swarm

I think outernet is still interesting for the downlink, but I just found this option for a portable uplink option …it does have a monthly charge and is a related company to Starlink.


info on the portable uplink station

You might be able to pair (outernet for downlink … and … swarm for uplink)

just interesting ideas, Jim

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Sparkfun kit Swarm M138 kit

I know the formatting is messed up, tried to fix it multiple times without success.

 Probably a better option if you want one to play with unless your willing to purchase 25 at a time. (Plus service on all 25).

192 byte message
750 messages
12 months service for $60,
the start terms are interesting.

 My question is, what do we gain other than the ability for prepaid users to send very limited data through one satellite to be rebroadcast on another? 

 Do not misunderstand me, I think the idea of their service is interesting,  however if your an amateur radio operator, terrestrial or satellite radio links might be a better option, others would have to buy the transmitter kit and pay $60 a year just to send/receive (750) 192 character text messages a month.  Like the old cellular text message plans. 

 Could it be useful for a disaster,

probably, from rereading the guide on sparkfun, there appears to be the ability to transmit to a specific device as well. It is coverage sensitive currently but that feature could be useful.

 It maybe more useful to send a request and have the answer come through a different path. One of the internet providers used to offer service, you sent the request via dial up and your data came down high speed via satellite. 

Just some thoughts.

An informative article from Hackaday with more answers.