USA Gov want to abanon NAVTEX marine warning over MW. Othernet opportuity

USA Gov want to abandon NAVTEX marine warning over MW. Othernet opportunity. Possibly Othernet could offer old L-Band system or new K Band as a dedicated ship / small boat Satellite receiver.

…I second that…!!!


Do lots of people still use this? It’s it free to receive?

Here is a link to the “very biased in my opinion” public comments.
I would love any enhancements to the weather app… but think othernet will not be the go-to resource for boaters weather

If the weather app would provide a forecast for the next few days, Othernet could definitely become one of my go-to resources for weather. I now use apps like windfinder or windy for planing. But without wifi or a data connection for the phone you don`t get the updates and the forecasts can change quite fast. The only other option would be grib files via a satellite phone data connection which can get costly or weather fax via SSB which, at least for me, is not the same as a visualized forecast for the next days.

As for the NAVTEX I actually didn’t see it on many boats but I would definitely use the service when it would be available via Othernet. Mostly for the safety warnings. For weather information I guess an upgraded weather app would be more handy. But when NAXTEX would be also included I think it would be another incent for sailors to use Othernet.

In android I believe there are several weather provider options deep in the OS. Not sure how but having an API that can be accessed by the standard weather protocol could be really useful for someone who uses othernet as their other-net.

Yes and no is the answer.

Navtex is a MANDATED requirement virtually worldwide for all ships over 300 tonnes. (Australia never joined) for ships to use to “RECEIVE” FREE of CHARGE weather reports and more importantly Maritime WARNINGS.

Every 4 hours a report is sent from one of hundreds of very large and expensive radio transmitter at 517 Mhz, with weather and warnings such as.

Where a new wreck is
man overboard location
search and rescue operations
Oil slick locations etc.

Navtex Being a very low MF signal it (i believe) uses ground propagation and can travel up to 800 km.

Furuno makes the most popular MF Radio Navtex decoder unit and it is usually on the Bridge of a ship and has a display and possibly a printer to print out the warnings etc.

The Navtex transmissions are in ASCI at 100 baud. Each worldwide geographical region region has its own code which is then configured into the Navtax decoder. To set what Warnings and weather is appropriate for the ships current geographical location.

Othernet could waste a lot of time trying to sell a service when the demise of Navtex and eventual new replacement could be 10 years away.

But I do think that some consulting, possibly to the US Maritime authorities to help them frame their tender and assist in making them aware of what alternatives are available should they want a low cost satellite one way solution.

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TBH I can’t see NAVTEX disappearing overnight…I’ve heard of this NAVDAT system that’s supposed to be replacing it, but even then it would be years before it was adopted, everyone would need to buy new receivers etc, so maybe US Gov needs to think again…just maintain what they already have, and it’ll be fine