USB Ethernet Adapter with Dreamcatcher

Hi all

After poor WiFi performance (most likely due to the distance to the nearest access point), I decided to try using a USB Ethernet adapter, with great success. I used this Cable Matters one I bought from Radio Shack a few years ago: . It works with Skylark out-of-the-box and performs as expected. However, I did notice that on the LCD it says that it doesn’t have an IP, even though it shows up and can be accessed on the network. The dreamcatcher is forwarded and publicly available here: (Currently has a mediocre signal strength because of a long cable run; I will either find a way to mount the LNB on the 1.2m dish or build a cone in the near future)

Using the Dreamcatcher with an ethernet adapter will not show an IP address on the touch screen. You have to find as you did with your router. That’s apparently how the board/software are designed. Ken