USB ethernet for Dreamcatcher

I would like to advertise outernet as a service on my AREDN mesh network. I currently do this with a rpi3 based outernet setup. I just got the dream catcher board on sale so its time to swap them out a d gain the features the rpi wont support.

Anyone confirm what a good usb to gigabit adapter would work with the DC? Too many options on Amazon and I dont want to get stuck with any that wont work well.

I assume the OS will be easy to get the DC working over ethernet easy enough. Also then wondering if I put the wifi dongle into a different USB port, can I use it as an AP. My rpi3 based Outernet lets me do this and still be able to access over my mesh.

Any feedback welcome before i dig in on this coming weekend.

sure: Dreamcatcher Ethernet

Thanks. Got the TP-Link gigabit USB 3.0 and it worked right away. My DC is now active across my mesh network for all user on 2.3GHz or 900MHz to access in my part of New York.

If any hams in the Dutchess or Ulster County area see this, feel free to message me to learn how to gain access.