Useability in Finland and other sunlight challenged locales?

I was showing this project to a friend of mine in Finland, who asked if this would even be viable in the many months of the year there where the outside is harsh. No sunlight, extreme cold. Will the Lantern function indoors [concrete and steel buildings]? Does it need solar power, or are there backup electrical charging options [I presume the answer is yes, but did not see where it answered this]? How tolerant is the typical personal Lantern to cold [I know the village lanterns are more weather proofed]? Likewise, how does it deal with moisture? For that matter, what is its max heat or humidity situations? Im hoping the answers are easy and happy making, but just thought I’d ask!

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Extreme cold might not be good for the Lantern, and yes, it will need an external power source if you don’t have sunlight. Otherwise, it should be fine in your situation. Having said that, though, this is the very first version of Lantern, so it’s possible it may not work correctly in extreme situations.

Power from the mains is going to be preferred power. If Outernet can bring battery option with solar it isn’t going to be the tidy little tower to do it. Sheer math today of watts per meter.

Ditto for the hardware lasting through harsh winters. Cold is just one part of the issue and depending on how far north really could hard freeze the unit to death.

Humidity and water proofing is the bigger issue though. Bound to kill more units than anything.

Running the pillar indoors is the best idea and shouldn’t be too hard to connect the receiver to an antenna outdoors.