Using Pi 3. Can't connect to wi-fi

Why can’t I connect the built-in Wi-Fi of Pi 3 to my router? Using LAN connection is OK. I went into /etc/network/interfaces and put in the proper entries to connect like I usually do. Upon booting rxOS, the entries were erased. I looked at router “connected devices”. Nothing for Pi 3. Again using LAN, I can ssh [email protected],169,0.104 and see rxOS login on another Linux box. in fact if I put in in my browser I get into the Outernet GUI. I know the Wi-Fi works on the Pi 3, for I tested it with latest “Jessie” before I loaded it with rxOS. What’s going on here?

The default configuration for rxOS is Access Point-mode. There is a setting in the GUI to connect to a WLAN and put the device into STA-mode. This requires the latest image: