Using the MoRFeus as a transverter?

Hello I am a pretty new ham, so bear with me if this is a silly question. I was wondering if the MoRFeus could be used as a transverter to convert a ssb or cw signal on the 2m band up into the microwave bands? I am particularly interested in converting up to the 13cm band with my ft817? Would i need any filtering or any sort of external equipment if this is possible?


Hello, I’m interested too … Do you have any information?
Pascal, F6HCM

Hello, I’m interested too, but I don’t find any description for an up transverter 70 cm to 13 cm.
It seems to me it should be easy for such an engeeniering.
Henri, F6FHV

you’d need some RF filters and some semi-fancy T/R switching since the moRFeus has a unidirectional signal path (at least, i’m assuming the Ins/Outs of the device are buffered, making it unidirectional).

all that would form the -converter- part of a transverter.

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