Using ZigBee as an uplink

To request contents from the Outernet, is it possible to create a sensor node network using ZigBee?

This is my idea:

ZigBee comes with different transmission powers ranging from 300Ft to 40Miles. We can use adjacent Outernet receivers as routers/end device, so if we have more outernet receivers close to each other it would be easy to build the sensor network. By adding a simple text editing module with a LCD screen and a keypad, users can send simple text messages to the ‘Coordinator node’ which is the end processing device at Outernet HQ (this part would be more complex).

Yes, definitely theoretically possible.

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Pradeeka, would this be different from a concept of using WiFi repeaters to extend the range of the Outernet WiFi Hotspot? Spreading the Hotspot would give everyone along the way access to everybody else on the network. At some point, an “end processing device” would be located which would have to have dual connectivity to the Outernet WiFi and the Internet thru a router connected to the Internet. Ken

What you think about this Digi Compact Satellite Modem? :smile:

Looks interesting. I submitted a Request for Price to see what it costs. Ken

Yes. Extending the range of the WiFi hotspot would be beneficial for all end users who doesn’t have an Outernet receiver. Also, they can use a CANTENNA like antenna to boost the WiFi signal. But this is illegal in some countries.

ZigBee is for requesting the contents from Outernet, so we can replace the Internet based content requesting from Outernet with it. As Syed stated, this is theoretically possible but practically it w’d be more complex to coordinate because of the heavy incoming text data (but I’m not 100% sure :slight_smile: ).

However, we should minimize the usage of Internet for the Outernet.

This is something our project is working on as well with some ppl.
trying to figure out how to sync a HAM spv /android wallet thru outernet yet have wifi to TX coins to a full node endpoint. With the file size restriction via sat the full blockchain is to large, but sending the entire spv wallet and headless chain under 20mb seems dooable.