Value of Outernet Breaking News Feeds


When I was in South Africa in November 2017, I first learned of Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe’s president for 37 years) being placed under house arrest, and his ultimate fall from power coming soon after thru Outernet News Feeds.

An article appearing on page 80 in the January 2018 edition of the on-line Spectrum Monitor, explores the current state of medium and short wave broadcasts into Zimbabwe. The jist of the article shows us informed “hackers and hams” the importance of Outernet in Third World Countries and remote areas of the world today.

I was probably the only person in Africa privileged to be receiving Outernet L-band news broadcasts during the military take over. Ken


I have an old model 28 teletype and a HAL decoder. I also have FLDigi on my Linux laptop. Using those, I can read Teletype over the Internet ITTY

At the bottom of the page is where they ask for news items for contribution to the ITTY broadcast.

I think the same could be used for Outernet’s breaking news.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Very possibly. When Outernet started the News Feeds, you were not on the Forum, but a bunch of us got together with @Abhishek and figured out how to automate generic RSS feeds on to Outernet. Then, some of us reached out to various news organizations to get their approval to rebroadcast those RSS feeds.

So far the automated process has worked very well with numerous different sources in several languages. Ken


Yes, as a relative newbie, I have not read the older files in the forum yet. I did see that there was a news feed, but what I did not know was what the source of the news was. Thanks for the explanation.

I also agree with what’s being implied here. You can’t really copy a whole news article without some copyright issues. (even if you quote the source) But if you get permission to rebroadcast, it’s really different.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


I used to troubleshoot problems in the 60’s at a Bell System Teletype Central Office Test Board. Behind the test board, we had a bunch of 28’s in racks to monitor traffic and help us troubleshoot. Lots of oil and “dentist” tools! :slight_smile:


@donde, @kenbarbi,
It looks like ITTY has stopped broadcasting. There are fewer and fewer people doing RTTY out there.

I can imagine what your test board must have sounded like. My first computer was a CDC6600 on dialup with an ASR-110. …and people complain about slow internet!

I certainly can see the value of a breaking news - Worldwide or filtered by continent or country. If the file headers were structured so they can easily be parsed, a bash shell script or python program could parse the downloaded file titles and highlight them, put them in certain folders or pass them on into a packet network.

–Konrad, WA4OSH