Various important questions

What is the current total data size of the Outer-net librarian? What revision / model of the RasberryPi do you sell with your kit? I’ve read that RasberryPi 2 does not fit into your constraint’s currently. Please expound on this. What decides the priority of the flow of the 200MB and/or 1GB of data? What is the agenda of your company in regards to the filtering content via order and priority of data on the lantern and lighthouse? Why does it say on the satbeams website that I needed only a 70CM (28") dish, (instead of the 90CM (36") that you sell on your web store) to receive data from the 86 degree west satellite (nim-something). Can I use a wineguard slimline (Dimensions: 44" L x 34" W) satellite dish with a universal linear LNB pointed at the north American Satellite? Why, after a couple of day’s is there no information on the satbeams website providing any information about the 86 degree west satellite? Why are the screenshot’s of the information provided from the satbeams website on my computer now inaccessable from my laptop?

Thank you for your continued invested energy and resources pouring into this project, and I look forward to using it.

Not sure what you mean by Outernet Librarian. Did you mean Outernet Library? Library is not complete, and not very large (I think it’s around 1.5~1.7GB right now). We are experimenting with new ways to put more content on it.

Raspberry Pi revision 1 model B+. You’ve read correctly about revision 2. It’s been postponed due to development of other things.

I’m not sure what exactly is meant by this. Could you quote the exact portion of the text that discusses the topic?

The ‘data for lantern’ is used to loosely refer to low-speed broadcast. In that regard, filtering refers to including only content that is suitable for low-bandwidth consumption (e.g., omitting video and other heavier files).

We can’t provide canned advice on dish/location combinations. 90cm dish is deemed safe in most cases, but that is not even a guarantee for reception in all areas. Generally, if you live in an area with good signal, you can get away with 60~70cm dish, average is around 90cm, and on fringes you may need 1m and larger.

I can’t say I’ve used satbeams before, so I cannot answer these question. Maybe someone else on the forum would know more.