Very good results on my RPi 3 setup...and a question

A couple of days ago I Installed rxOS on a Raspberry Pi 3 connected to an Outernet LNA and patch antenna and receiving with a v3 dongle.

Initially had difficulties as I oriented the antenna to I-4 F3 through a glass window. Very poor results - not enough SNR to achieve a lock. I then learned that a lot of newer glass windows, especially low-e and multiple panes, attenuate the signal significantly. When I relocated the receiver where the view is through our wooden roof results were far better with a 6+ dB SNR, packet failure near zero and signal state a constant 4.

Only concern is that the weather globe app hasn’t downloaded yet. I know there has been discussion on another threads, but wondered if anyone might have more recent estimate of the time required for a complete download of that app. Currently I download the grib2 files to my Windows 7 laptop and use Panoply to display the data - very useful.

Glad to be able to participate in this new approach to distributing information.


Two days and no weather app? That should not be the case, but the better solution to this problem is the new (yet to be released) Skylark image. Would you mind holding on until Wednesday–and then flashing the unit with Skylark?

I thought Skylark was only available for the CHIP - note that I am running a RPi 3.

By the way, the download of d4e8-Weather.tbz2 seems to continuously show at 99%. Is that the weather app?

The weather app will eventually be downloaded. Just be patient.

Many of us are trying to determine and help report on was is normal and what is not. So it would be useful to have some idea of what “eventually” means.

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I am having the same experience as dschre with the Weather app (just found this after posting another thread). If you don’t need any diagnostics from 3.1 and just want people to move to Skylark that is fine. I am happy to wait until the next version comes out and then image my CHIP with it.

However, if you wish I can run some diagnostics using freshly installed (well about 4 days old) 3.1. Feel free to check out my other post:

Your receiver is working fine.

As I posted in the other thread, Weather.tbz2 lives permanently on the carousel, and thus constantly drops in priority.

I have reset it again, but transferring an important part of the UI like this, over the air, with a file permanently placed on the Carousel has clearly not been a successful experiment. Quite a few people have not received it fast enough.

Hence the shift to an integrated Weather app in Skylark.

Got it, I also replied in the other thread. Thank you!