Video playback issue on 3.0 firmware (ORx and Lighthouse)

Hi Pardeeka - - this Ken in Annapolis, MD. Posted above are some of my comments regarding not being able see and hear the new MP4 files from the Khan Academy on the Lighthouse’s Librarian. The files download fine to the Lighthouse but I can’t play them. Even separately extracted I can only get the audio portion to play on Windows Media Player and other MP4 software.

I sent them to Syed, and he is investigating the problem. My question to you is - - - can you play them there? Thanks, Ken

I confirm I cannot play them either, for the record. It appears there has been corruption of the files at some point in the broadcasting process. We’re currently looking into where exactly this happened and whether it’s a temporary glitch.

Hi Ken, I can play them on Windows 8.1 machine. Time: 5.50 AM SL Time

Thanks Pradeeka - - Very interesting results - - I can play the Arabic (??) 12.25 language file (as well as all the other Arabic language files) on my Windows 10 machine running MS explorer, but I cannot play 12.25 or any others Arabic language files on my XP machine running Firefox - latest version. I never thought to try the Arabic language group in Windows 10… As to the Khan Academy MP4 files in the English and Spanish section, I can’t play them on either machine. Try this one 00001-Electoral College.mp4 and see if you can play it. This information should be helpful to everyone:

Syed and Branko have reported problems with the MP4 files, and they are on different satellites than you. The latest bunch of MP3 files in “Language - English” work fine in both XP and Windows 10.

Hope this info helps Branko. Ken

I have no trouble watching Arabic on Linux either. The issue was discovered specifically for spanish content at some point (not the latest files).

Playback in the browsers depends on whether the browser has access to H264 codecs. This is not an issue in most modern browser-OS combinations, but older software may not support it.

Ken- Under ‘Khan Academy - Various Languages’ still I have only ‘Arabic’ language folder. I’ll let you know the result, once I receive the English folder.

Further investigation:

mp4 files in folder 1:
Windows 8 PC: video - no | audio - yes
Windows 8 Phone: video - no | audio - no

mp4 files in folder 2:
Windows 8 PC: video - yes | audio - yes
Windows 8 Phone: video - yes | audio - yes

Windows phone claims Error loading this resource for folder 2 files.

That’s a very interesting point, Pradeeka. I looked at the same MP4 files on my Android Jelly Bean phone using Google Chrome, and could see and hear the Arabic MP4 files, but could only hear (not-see) the English MP4 files. That’s progress since my XP and Windows 10 machines couldn’t do anything with the English MP4 files.

I don’t know how this is related to the H264 doecs issue. Ken

It’s probably not. You probably have one of the corrupted files.

New MP4 files are arriving as I write. They are brand new:

[2016-04-21 13:09:24 (+0000)] INFO Update file facets: ‘Language - English/Education/Agriculture/OUR LAND Episode 3- Adaptive Seeds-SD.mp4’

They do not play in the Lighthouse Version 3.0 Librarian, but when separately downloaded to my hard drive, I can play them

(video and audio) with Real Player. Ken

Hi Ken, They are playing with Windows PC and Phone. Still I have only LAND Episode 2- Distribution-SD.mp4

In the browser you tried to play it in, do you have flash installed?

I have Flash Player installed.

Sorry @pradeeka, I asked @kenbarbi.

No problem. Just saw the reply icon.

Yes I have it installed:


When you right-click on the video, is it giving you your browser’s standard context menu or flash menu?

It gives me the standard browser menu:


I mean when you click on the Librarian’s player, sorry.

You mean this:

On the black area. :slight_smile: