VLC Application

Can we install applications like VLC on outernet?
I would like to setup my LightHouse/DIYKit as a video streaming server. Can this be done?
P.S. - On the official documentation for ORxPi (OS), its written that only few installations can be made, and that too are temporary as on reboot they will vanish.

Our operating system is based on Buildroot and has a read-only rootfs. The only way to permanently install new software is to modify and build a new custom image. You can get the build files and instructions from here. Buildroot documentation is here.

ORx and Lighthouse use different versions of Buildroot: Lighthouse uses a heavily customized older version, so some parts of the Buildroot documentation may not apply. Also, note that the ONDD binary has been compiled using crosstool-ng-gcc-4.9.1.config toolchain configuration and not the one that’s mentioned in the README. We’ll update that information at some later date. For now use corsstool-ng-gcc-4.9.1.config for building the toolchain, as ONDD is a binary blob and any other toolchain will break it.

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